Our Programs

Play and Learn Program, 6 months-18 months

Our Play and Learn Program is inspired by parents desire to have their young children in an engaging learning environment, as well as, socialize with other children, before they are ready to separate from an adult. The Play and Learn Program is a short session that focuses on stimulating young brains and helping them to engage with others through hands-on, sensory based activities. The program also allows for bonding between adult and child. Teacher's help guide the session by providing thoughtful provocations for learning, story times, and sing-alongs. The Play and Learn Program is a great opportunity for children to develop confidence in a school environment which will help them to transition easier when the time is right. 

Play Group Program, 18 months-2 years

Our Play Group Program is unique because it provides a gentle separation and easy transition into preschool. While children do attend Play Group without an adult, we work with each family to make that transition smooth and comfortable for everyone. The Play Group Program will help children to develop social skills and promote interaction among other children in the group. In the Play Group Program, children will learn through creative play, explore and enjoy our preschool environment with educational toys, puzzles, blocks and more. They will also have the opportunity to learn familiar songs and stories, as well as, experience fun, sensory art activities. 

Toddler Program, 2 years-3 years

Our Toddler Program provides toddlers with a rich variety of developmentally appropriate activities, with an emphasis on social skills. Our program creates a nurturing and loving environment that allows for the development of language, cognition and self-awareness through play and engaging activities. Teachers are there to guide our toddlers in their play, giving meaning and relevance to their experience. It is in our Toddler Program where children begin to develop their early reading and writing skills through sound awareness and mark making. Children will also start their foundation in math through hands-on exploration of basic math concepts such as sorting, color recognition and counting. 

Early Learner's Program, 3 years-4 years

Our Early Learner's Program focuses on developing language, creative expression, scientific exploration and quantitative reasoning. Through play children will have the opportunity to choose developmentally appropriate activities that encourage the development of early literacy and math skills. Children will also begin a phonics program that introduces letter sounds and builds on their already acquired sound awareness skills. Children will leave the Early Learner's Program having built a strong foundation for Pre-Kindergarten. 

Pre-Kindergarten Program, 4 years-5years

Our play-based and child-centered approach to learning ensures that children in our Pre-Kindergarten Program will be exposed to a diverse array of learning activities that help them advance their skills in the core pre-academic areas such as literacy, math and science, as well as, further progress their social skills, creativity and physical development. Our Pre-K Program establishes a balance between focused activities, guided play, independent choice and exploration. 

According to each child's individual ability, children will learn the sounds of the alphabet, sound out and read simple words, form letters of the alphabet, write their own name and begin to read and write simple sentences. 

In Math, children will begin to recognize numbers and count reliably. They will also be introduced to the concept of basic addition and subtraction through a variety of play-based activities. 


Sample Timetables

Play and Learn

2-2:45pm- Free play in soft play room

2:45-3pm- Sensory activity (teacher-led)

3-3:45pm- Free play in baby play ground

3:45-4pm-Story Time (teacher-led)

Play Group

9-10am- Outdoor Play

10-10:20am- Snack

10:20-11:20am- Exploration

11:20-11:30am- Small Group

11:30-11:40am- Story Time

11:40-12pm- Outdoor Play

12pm- Pick Up


7:45-9am- Welcome/Exploration/Library 

9-9:15am- Morning Circle

9:15-9:40am- Snack

9:40-10am- Small Group

10-10:20am- Science/Active Games/Art

10:20-11:20am- Outdoor Play/Swimming 

11:20-11:40am- Story Time

11:40-12:10pm- Lunch

12:10-12:45pm- Outdoor Play

12:45pm- Pick Up Time

Early Learners

8-8:30am- Welcome!

8:30-8:50am- Phonics

8:50-9:50am- Outdoor Play/Swimming

9:50-10:10am- Snack

10:10-10:30am- Morning Circle

10:30-11:30am- Exploration/Library 

11:30-11:50am- Small Group

11:50-12:10pm- Science/Active Games/Art

12:10-12:40pm- Lunch

12:40-1pm- Story Time

1pm- Pick Up


8:15-8:30am- Welcome!

8:30-9am- Morning Circle/Phonics

9-10:00am- Exploration/Library 

10-10:20am- Snack

10:20-10:40am- Literacy

10:40-11am- Topic

11-12:10pm- Outdoor Play/Swimming 

12:10-12:40pm- Lunch

12:40-12:50pm- Resting

12:50-1:20pm- Math

1:20-1:50pm- Active Games/Art/Science

1:50-2:05pm- Story Time

2:05-2:15pm- Outdoor Play

2:15pm- Pick Up