Enrollment procedure

1. School Tour

If you would like to learn more about KCIP, set up a tour with the school office. You will receive basic information at that time and be able to see the school facilities and ask any questions you may have. 

2. Enrollment Fees

Once you have decided that KCIP is the right fit for your family, a one time registration fee of $200 USD is required. Payment of the registration fee and term fee should be paid into the school's bank account to secure your child's space in a class. Payment confirmation should be emailed to info@kcipreschool.com or the deposit slip may be brought to the school office. A receipt will then be issued. Please note, if your child has been placed on the waiting list, only the registration fee will be required to reserve a space once available. 

3. Enrollment Form and Start

Upon reaching this step, students may enroll immediately if space is available or they will be placed on a wait list for the first available opening. Please indicate exact start date/waiting list on the enrollment form. 

Then, fill out enrollment form and return to the school office the following:

-Medical Consent 

-Photography Release

-Copy of immunization record