Mission Statement

Kampala Community International Preschool is committed to high-quality early childhood education by providing an engaging and challenging learning environment at each stage of development. Our professional and dedicated team nurtures each individual child to develop an active and creative mind through a variety of child-centered programs. KCIP creates a safe space where children can develop and improve their academic, social, emotional, and physical skills. KCIP is a diverse and inclusive community that emphasizes and stresses the importance of a multi-cultural education and helps children to develop cultural awareness and respect towards others. Children at KCIP will thrive and become confident and intelligent contributors to society. 

Vision Statement

Our vision at KCIP is to be recognized as a high-quality child development center in providing the best care and education for children ages 6 months=5 years. KCIP strives to be known for exceptional educational programs, professional teams and community relationships. We pride ourselves on our unique blend of play-based and child-centered learning in a safe and nurturing environment while still building a strong social and academic foundation.