Our Philosophy

Teaching is not about telling children what to do or showing them the 'right' way to do things. Teaching is more than just a skill. It is the art of providing young children with an environment conducive to active exploration and discovery. 

Each child brings his or her own unique world and experiences to us each day. It is then the role of the teacher to respond to the individual needs of the children and plan accordingly. Teachers encourage children to take responsibility, make decisions and learn through play. 

At Kampala Community International Preschool, activities are offered in both formal and informal settings. While activities are planned to engage children, teachers are open and responsive to the possibility that an activity may need to be altered or supplemented to follow and support the children's learning process. 

The teaching staff acknowledge and understand that children learn best when all of their senses are engaged. The teaching staff plan for opportunities that allow children to engage their senses in a variety of ways. 

The cultural values of each child are important and critical to the learning experiences of children. We incorporate each child's cultural background into all areas of the curriculum.